Invoice instructions

Do you want to arrange an amazing team building day by solving interesting puzzles in a different environment? Escape Room Helsinki’s games are popular with teams for many purposes. Our games have been successfully used to:

  1. Getting team members better aquainted
  2. Building a well-functioning team
  3. Vitalizing team work
  4. Analyzing social interaction
  5. Practicing communication
  6. As a team day activity
  7. As friendly competition between teams
  8. For loads of fun


We offer an excellent set-up to both bigger and smaller groups.

Some of our games have two identical rooms. By booking both rooms of the game, a group of 12 people can play the same game at the same time. If they wish, they can race each other in addition to racing against the time.

Race Escape is possible at Fredrikinkatu in the games Royal Secret and Smuggler Monk.

Our three locations and the total of 12 games make it possible for bigger groups to play at the same time. The maximum amount of players in one room is 4 to 6 people (depending on the game), but with all the games running, we can accommodate up to 100 players simultaneously.


Our location on Fabianinkatu takes a maximum of 45 people. Here you can also book the Room of Cards for meetings or after-the-game celebrations.

The outdoor games take max 25 people.

Fredrikinkatu takes 30 people.

Bulevardi 27 (the Alexander Theatre) takes 6 people.

Frerdikinkatu 34 A

Max 30 pers

Lady in Red 1 6 pers
lady in Red 2 6 pers
Smuggler Monk 1 6 pers
Smuggler Monk 2 6 pers
Water of Life 6 pers

Fabianinkatu 23

Max 45 pers.

Dinner Party 6 pers
Black Love 6 pers
Heartbroken House 6 pers
The Great Vanishing Act 6 pers
Director’s cut 6 pers
Bewitched 6 pers
Santa´s Key / The Treasure Bird 5 pers
 VR- Cosmos / Dark Mind 4 pers

Albertinkatu 32

Max 6 pers

Ghost of the Opera 6 pers

Indoor games max 81 pers

Outdoor games max 25 pers

Total max 106 pers.

When planning your team outing, we recommend that drinks are postponed until after the escape room adventure. Your brains are as welcome as you are!

To stay on schedule, please reserve 1,5 h for the whole game event. The outdoor games need at least 2 hours.

Our pricing can be checked on the pricing page.

Pricing is always based on the amount of people playing and the number of rooms reserved.

Multiple rooms can be reserved at the same time by using our booking system. This way you can pay for your booking immediately and make sure that the time slot you want doesn’t go to someone else.

If you prefer handling your company booking paying by invoice, this can be done as well. We charge 15€ for billing. Please read our billing instructions carefully before sending us an e-mail about your booking.

Restaurant and meeting packages

Are you planing to spend the evening in a restaurant after your escape room experience? Are you planing
a small event or would you like to book a meeting room?

Escape Room Helsinki gives you the opportunity to save some searching time by offering restaurant and
meeting packages. Our game locations, the restaurants and the meeting centers are all located next to each
other to save some traveling time.

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Restaurant Juuri  For Fabianinkatu customers. Korkeavurenkatu 27.

Restaurant Juuri is made of genuine flavors, sparkling passion, wild herbs, half-crazy ideas, love for the fruits of small producers and the skill to together make them an exquisite tasty menu.

Escape Room Helsinki customers are offered the following menus:

A) 4 courses 55 € / person

B) 5 courses 58 € / person

C) 3 course lunch menu 29 € / person (Only from 11:30 – 14:30)

All the menus include appetizers, main course and dessert. Reservations from 17:00.

Book your table here:

Restaurant Rivoli   For Fredrikinkatu and Alexander Theater customers. Albertinkatu 38.

Rivoli, founded in 1962 by Ragni Rissanen, is one of the oldest still functioning restaurants in Helsinki. Rivoli combines warm-hearted service and pure flavor combinations. Rivoli’s food, wine and classically elegant furnishings create a genuine French atmosphere.

For Escape Room Helsinki guests, Rivoli offers tasting menus by chef Neal Fox focused on seasonal ingredients and classic French cuisine.

A) Brasserie 3.           45€/person, 3 course menu

B) Chef 4.                   50€/person, 4 course menu

C) Rue de Rivoli 6.    60€/person, 6 course menu

All menus include starters, main course and dessert. Bookings Tuesdays – Fridays from 14:00, Saturdays from 16:00. Sundays and Mondays closed.

Book your table here:

LAPI-Talo For Fredrikinkatu and Alexander Theatre customers. Lapinlahdenkatu 1 B.

LAPI-talo is located in Kamppi only a block away from our game center. It offers economical and diverce halls and meeting rooms for all kind of meetings and feasts. LAPI-talos meeting rooms are suitable for groups of 6 – 75 people. The sauna lounge for up to 60 persons. LAPI-talo offers this deal for Escape Room Helsinki customers:

Half-day meeting package starting from 45 € / hour
Whole-day meeting package starting from 56 € / hour
Sauna Lounge starting from 100 € / hour

We also customise catering, meetings, saunaevenings or other parties just the way you wish.


Tapahtumatalo Bank For Fabianinkatu customers. Unioninkatu 20.

Sharing the same building as Escape Room Helsinki, Tapahtumatalo Bank offers a solution for all kind of events. We have a wide range of halls and meeting rooms.  Various catering services are also available to be included as a meeting package.

More information about our meeting packages can be found here:

Bookings separately directly from the organizer: 09-61285650 tai

Chill out in the Speakeasy

Rumour has it that in the mazes of the old Alexander Theatre, where our popular game Ghost of the Opera might be found, there is a cosy Speakeasy. In this secret lounge, you can enjoy a drink and hang out before or/and after your game.

The Speakeasy is separately booked at salakapakka(ä)

Customized pop-up escape games

Would you like an escape adventure built for your own personnel, with a theme and story of your own choosing? Companies love this kind of fun, team-building event and order it for example to promote the social atmosphere in the workplace, launch a new product or create a happy ending to a seminar.

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Sounds like a good idea? Drop us a mail at booking(ä) and tell us about

  • How many participants you expect
  • How much time you wish to use for the game (20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of players, the space and the purpose)
  • What kind of space is available for the game?
  • Will the game be part of a bigger event?
  • Your ideas for a theme and a story, if you have some

With this information, we make you an offer in the return mail!

The easiest way to book and pay your escape room game is to use the reservation calendar on out web page.

In case you are booking games for your organization and you do not have the use of a company bank or credit card, we can book the games for you and send you an invoice afterwards.

In this case, there will be a handling fee of 15 € added to your game price.



We book your games as soon as we have received the necessary information from you in an email.

When paying by invoice

  1. Find out how many players there will be, or at least how many game rooms you will need (most rooms take a maximum of 6 players).
  2. Check the reservation calendar to find suitable free games and time slots. Do not make a reservation yourself, it won’t be valid if it is not paid during the same session.
  3. Collect the necessary billing information listed below.
  4. Send the aforementioned info in an email to booking[at]

We will make the reservation in the name of your contact person and send you a confirmation as soon as it is done, normally during office days within 24 hours. Please send the booking request from your company email address.

Our bookings are binding.

You can always cancel or change your booking in accordance with our booking conditions (listed below).

Information that we need to make your booking

  1. First name
  2. Surname
  3. E-mail address
  4. Mobile phone number that can be reached outside the office
  5. The games and the time slots you wish to book
  6. The number of players

Billing information

If possible, we prefer an e-invoice

  1. The e-invoice address and operator code
  2. The name of the buying organization
  3. Postal address
  4. Postal code
  5. Postal city or region
  6. Business identity code (Y-tunnus)
  7. Reference number

When your booking includes a restaurant:

1. Restaurant name
2. Date and time
3. Participants
4. Your menu of choice

PLEASE NOTE, that the e-invoice address and OVT are not sufficient for makíng an e-invoice.

We send out invoices once a month. The average payment time is 14 days.

If you need to change your billing information AFTER receiving the invoice, we charge a fee of 15 € for the new invoice.

The billing company is InRoos Oy, Y-2077484

It may sometimes happen that the time slots you are wishing for are reserved online by someone else, while we are handling your order. If you make your booking well ahead of time, this risk is diminished.

If there are less players than agreed upon when booking, we can substract their cost from your bill. In this case, please inform us of the accurate number of players as soon as possible, preferably the day after the game.

If the invoicing contains filling in forms, scanning, registering etc, we will charge a minimum of 20 € for the extra office work of 36 €+alv /h if it take over 30 minutes.