Escape Room Helsinki’s games for both pleasure and business: indoors, outdoors and remotely

How to book:

You can book the game (s) straight from our website. Pick your date, games and time from the booking calendar. When checking out, choose the alternative “Pay by invoice” and give your invoice details carefully. On arriving, you can pay for the game (s) on the spot with your company card in stead of waiting for the invoice.

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COVID and services for companies

In the spring 2020 we opened new games to meet the challenges of today.  In times of crisis and change, staff recreation days are more needed than ever – and fortunately, recreation can happen outdoors, through remote contact or by using our Full House offer.

The outdoor adventures

Operation Mindfall , set in the Suomenlinna fortress, is a perfect challenge for both feet and brains. Bigger groups can split into teams and add to the excitement by competing against each other. A variation of Mindfall can be played at Suomenlinna fortress. In the other city game, Operation Legacy, you go back to Helsinki in the 1030’s to find a well-kept secret about penicillin. This game has different routes and is recommended if you have a larger group with more than two teams.

The Do-It-Yourself remote games

DIY-games The Death of Ms Cronwall   or The Cursed Candle can be played at home, in the office or anywhere where there is an internet connection. The amount of players is unlimited.  We are happy to tell you more about the online games by mail or phone!

“Full House”

To make playing safe for your staff, we have introduced the Full House solution. Not only does it grant you total privacy during your visit, it also comes at a greatly reduced price. During October, you now have the possibility to book the whole Fabianinkatu or Fredrikinkatu venue for your own use. The price for Fabianinkatu, including all 8 escape games and the VR games, is 950 €/1,5 hours (the normal price is 1480 €) and for Fredrikinkatu, including all 5 games, only 700 € (normal price 950 €). Fabianinkatu has room for a maximum of 50 players, divided into 9 teams, while Fredrikinkatu can take a maximum 30 players in 5 teams.  We ensure that, excepting your game masters,  only your own group will be present at the venue. You’ll have full control over the safety of your staff. The Full House is booked by mail

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Escape room games have become extremely popular because of their high entertainment level. You get 60 minutes of intriguing challenges, during which the players get to experience joy, despair and the sweet feeling of success. 

Many companies and bigger groups look for even more excitement and want to compete. For this, we’ve created Race Escape games that consist of two identical game rooms. 

We also have games in which the team gathers points while playing, so that at the end, the group with most points is the winner. These outdoor escape games are a nice option for bigger groups or companies, offering both physical and mental exercise.

Last but not least, we have games that can give you a detailed digital report. These games enable you to chart the team’s profile and strengths, for example in relation to flexibility of thought, logical and creative thinking, decision making, communication, cooperation and working under pressure.