About the game

Story: Unraveling the message of Helsinki’s secret symbols
Game location: Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki
Starting location: Fabianinkatu 23
Finishing location: Fabianinkatu 23
Game languages: Finnish, English
Time limit: 1,5h
Number of players: 2-6 players / group
Number of groups: 1-4 groups
Accessibility: In the game, you move about a 3 kilometre long route in the city centre area.


Walking in Helsinki, you can spot a lot of old symbols. Some of them form a secret code, opening a long forgotten, amazing message.

Your team is approached by a researcher, who needs the help of code-cracking experts to reveal the secret message. The symbol hunt takes you on a walk through the Southern parts of Helsinki and would be quite pleasant, if it wasn’t for the increasing danger that is looming along the route. Who is it that really wants the code, and for what? During the hunt, the mission gets more complex…

To aid you on the mission, you will get a file with some important items and an iPad to guide you on your way.

The game can also be played competing with other teams. Which team is the first to crack the Helsinki Code?

The age recommendation for this game is 12+. Note, that at least one of the players must be over 16 years old.


The team behind

Game design: Tomas Hoekemeijer | Manuscript and puzzle design: Tomas Hoekemeijer & Yvonne Karsten | Photo: Virgo Karp | Actors: Martti Nikamaa, Jolana Kapp, Evinka Espo, Virgo Karp, Tomas Hoekemeijer, Yvonne Karsten | IT: Tomas Hoekemeijer