Duration of the game is 60 minutes.

All prices include 10 % VAT.

All games except Outdoor games

Amount of players Price in total
2 players 80€
3 players 95€
4 players 110€
5 players 125€
6 players 140€

Recommend amount of players is 4-5 person.


Outdoor games

Magic Portal 2-5 players 100€. Duration 1,5 hours.

Operation Mindfall 2-5 players 150€ per group. Duration 3 hours.


Booking through internet closes 24 hours before the games. Todays free times you can check from our twitter.


Children under 12 years of age play free of charge, but they must always be accompanied by an adult. The minimum price for a game is 80 €. Book the game for players over 12 years old and mention in the message box how many younger players will accompany you.


Santa’s Key is a room escape game for the whole family. The family price is 80€, including two adults and 2-3 children (under 18). Please book the room for two persons to get the correct price and mark in the message space that you are playing with your family and how many of you are actually coming. The maximum amount of players in the room is 5.


Sunday family games. On Sundays, two adults together with children under 18 years can play Royal Secret, Bewitched or Santa’s Key for a family price of 80 €. Book the room for two to get the correct price and mark in the message space how many players you will actually be. Please note that this offer only covers children under 18 years and only the aforementioned games.


Help others through playing our games

Escape Room Helsinki makes yearly donations to non-profitable organizations. In 2016, our staff decided to help the charitable assosiations Tukinainen Ry and Taiteen Sulattamo Ry.