A game takes 60 minutes to play (unless you get out sooner!)

Without a Trace is the exception and takes 45 minutes.

All prices include 10 % VAT.

All games except Outdoor games

Amount of players Price on weekdays before 4.00 pm Price after 4.00 pm and weekends Without a  Trace (45min) and The Pirate’s Parrot, price on weekdays before 4.00 pm Without a  Trace (45min) and The Pirate’s Parrot, price after 4.00 pm, weekends and holidays.
2 players 90€ 110€ 60€ 80€
3 players 110€ 130€ 75€ 95€
4 players 130€ 150€ 90€ 110€
5 players 150€ 170€ 105€ 125€
6 players 170€ 190€ 120€ 140€


When you book and pay for the full game in advance through our booking system, you automatically get a 5€ discount/player! 

Outdoor games

Family game The Lost Land, 2-6 players, 80 €. Duration 1,5 hours.

Mission Sea Eagle: Outdoor Escape Game in Suomenlinna Fortress, 2-6 players, 120 €

Mint House Heist and Operation Legacy, Helsinki code, 2-6 players, 100 €. Duration 60-90 minutes.



Children under 10 years of age play free of charge in the company of their parents or elder siblings. The minimum price is the price for 2 adults. Book the game for players over 10 years old and mention in the message box how many younger players will accompany you. Note that 6 is the maximum group size, regardless of age.

The Pirate’s Parrot, Bewitched and The Lost Land are games designed especially for younger players.

A student discount is available on Monday-Thursday all day and Fridays until 4.00 pm. When booking, choose “Pay on the spot” and pay the reservation fee for the game. (Note that the reservation fee is 20 € cheaper if you play before 4 pm. ) On arrival, all players with a valid student card pay 10 €/person. Players without a student card pay 20 €.


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