A game takes 60 minutes to play (unless you get out sooner!)

Without a Trace is the exception and takes 45 minutes.

All prices include 10 % VAT.

All games except Outdoor games

Amount of players Price in total before 4.00 pm Price in total after 4.00 pm and weekends Without a  Trace game (45min). Price in total before 4.00 pm Without a  Trace game (45 min)Price in total after 4.00 pm and weekends
2 players 80€ 100€ 60€ 80€
3 players 100€ 120€ 75€ 95€
4 players 120€ 140€ 90€ 110€
5 players 140€ 160€ 105€ 125€
6 players 160€ 180€ 120€ 140€


When you book and pay for the full game in advance through our booking system, you automatically get a 5€ discount/player!


Outdoor games

Family game The Lost Land, 2-6 players, 80 €. Duration 1,5 hours.

Mission Sea Eagle: Outdoor Escape Game in Suomenlinna Fortress, 2-6 players, 120 €

Mint House Heist and Operation Legacy, 2-6 players, 100 €. Duration 60-90 minutes.



Children under 10 years of age play free of charge in the company of their parents or elder siblings. The minimum price is the price for 2 adults. Book the game for players over 10 years old and mention in the message box how many younger players will accompany you. Note that 6 is the maximum group size, regardless of age.

Treasure Bird, Bewitched and Santa’s Key are room escape games designed especially for younger players.

A student discount is available on weekdays for games starting before 4.00 pm. When booking, choose “Pay on the spot” and pay the reservation fee for the game.  On arrival, all players with a valid student card pay 10 €/person. Players without a student card pay 20 €.


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