The game takes 60 minutes to play (unless you get out sooner!)

All prices include 10 % VAT.

All games except Outdoor games

Amount of players Price in total before 4.45 pm Price in total after 4.45 pm and weekends
2 players 80€   *60€ 95€   *70€
3 players 95€   *70€ 110€   *80€
4 players 110€   *80€ 125€   *90€
5 players 125€   *90€ 140€   *100€
6 players 140€   *100€ 155€   *110€

* Without a Trace price – game time 45 min.

We recommend groups of 4-5 players for the best experience!


Outdoor games

Family game Magic Portal, 2-5 players, 100€. Duration 1,5 hours.

Operation Mindfall, 2-6 players, 100€. Duration 1 hour.



Children under 12 years of age play free of charge, but they must always be accompanied by an adult. The minimum price for a game is 80 € (after 4:45 pm it’s 95 €). Book the game for players over 12 years old and mention in the message box how many younger players will accompany you. Note that 6 is the maximum group size, regardless of age.

Treasure Bird, Bewitched and Santa’s Key are room escape games designed especially for younger players.

Sunday family games. On Sundays, two adults together with children under 16  can play a game for the family price of 95 €. Book the room for two to get the correct price and write in the message space how many players you will be. Please note that this offer only covers children under 16 years from the same family. Suitable games for younger players are The Great Vanishing Act, Bewitched, Santa’s Key and Treasure Bird.

Student discount for Slice members. On Mondays – Wednesdays, we offer students a 15 % discount. Check out how to book from your Slice application. Be ready to show your Slice membership on arrival.