1. Cancelling the game

Games that are cancelled more than 3 days prior to the reserved time are paid back in full.

When cancelled 1-3 days prior to the reserved time, we will keep the reservation fee (30/40 €) the rest will be paid back.

If someone in your team falls ill on the day of your game, we recommend that you phone us on +358-46923 6046 to change the date of your game (see below).

2. Changing the date of your booking is free

Change of plan? You have the right to change the date and time of your game without costs. Choose a more suitable time from the booking calendar and contact us on contact[at]escaperoom.fi to change your reservation.  Please email the change request as soon as possible and mention the new date and time in your mail.  At the  very latest, the request must be made 24 hours before your game. You have the right to change your reservation twice.

If someone in your teams falls ill on the day of your game, please phone us in the morning (minimum 3 hours before the game) to change your booking.

3. Arriving on time

Your game will start on the allotted time. Please arrive 10 minutes before, so that you have time to prepare yourselves for the game. If you arrive late, we may have to reduce your game time.

4. Deliberate damage

If the players deliberately or with too much force damage the room, the equipment in the room or the props of the game, they are liable to compensate for the repair of the damage. The game master has a right to stop the game, if the players are not following the given instructions.

5. Playing while intoxicated

The game master has a right to cancel or stop a game, if the players are under intoxicating substances and thus a risk to the room, other people or themselves.

6. Responsibility for one’s game

Escape Room Helsinki can not be held responsible if a player through deliberate or careless behavior hurts themselves in the game.

7. Age limit

Age limit recommendations are given for each game. In every team, at least one player must be 16 years or older.

8. Privacy Policy

Your e-mail or phone number will not be used for marketing without your explicit permission and never given to a third party. We may use it for collecting feedback.

9. City Escape players

The game contains valuable equipment and at the end of the game, it must be returned to us in the same condition as when received. For broken or lost equipment, we have the right to ask for compensation. Before the game, you can ask your game master for a detailed list of possible costs.