We take the game to your place

We can arrange a pop-up escape game at your own location, either indoors or outdoors. There are a couple of such games ready on our shelf:

  1. The mobile game Robbery Gone Wrong. This game consists of three mystery boxes, in which the infamous motorcycle gang MXP (Mexical Pistols) has hidden their stash. All gang members are now arrested, as the last robbery went totally wrong, but if you stumble across the boxes and unravel them, you might find the immensely valuable item they stole. Robbery Gone Wrong is a flexible game, which can be played in different versions of 20 – 90 minutes with 2 – 18 players.
  2. An outdoor adventure, through which the teams navigate with the help of tablets. To fulfill the mission, the players move from spot to spot, indicated on a map. Having solved a task, the maps gives you the next spot with the next task. For each task, the teams gather points, which gives them a nice chance to compete against each other. The game works better outside but can also be played partly indoors. It can take up to 70 participants.

These two pop-up games are very price-worthy, compared to fully tailored games.

Customized pop-up escape games

Would you like an escape adventure built for your own personnel, with a theme and story of your own choosing? Companies love this fun, team-building event and order it for example to promote the social atmosphere in the workplace, launch a new product or create a happy ending to a seminar.

Sounds like a good idea? Drop us an email at contact[at]escaperoom.fi and tell us about

  • How many participants you expect
  • How much time you wish to use for the game (20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of players, the space and the purpose)
  • What kind of space is available for the game?
  • Will the game be part of a bigger event?
  • Your ideas for a theme and a story, if you have some

With this information, we make you an offer in the return mail!