About the game

Story: Finding the lost formula
Game location: Helsinki city centre
Starting location: Fredrikinkatu 34 A
Finishing location: Fabianinkatu 23
Game languages: Finnish, English
Time limit: 1,5h
Number of players: 2-6 players / group
Number of groups: 1-6 groups
Accessibility: In the game, you move about a 2 kilometre long route in the city centre area.


Welcome agents, we are WISE (World Immunity Systems, Europe) and we work against immunological terrorism. This time, your task is to find a lost formula, connected to the further refinement of penicillin. In 1933, the laboratory assistant Mary Hunt, who developed this unique formula, had to flee to protect it from falling into wrong hands, for example Hitler’s Abwehr. Getting stuck in Helsinki, Hunt decided to hide the formula in the city and burn all documents.

Last month, Hunt’s grandchild Laura found a letter from her grandmother, where she reveals her plan and gives some cryptic leads to the formula’s hiding place. It’s now your job to follow the leads and find the hidden formula. But please be careful – there are still organizations out there who’d like to have the formula for their own, sinister use.

To aid you on the mission, you will get a file with some important items and an iPad to guide you on your way.

The game can also be played competing with other teams. Which team is the first to find the lost formula?

Please note, that you book the game per team, not per person. The game is available online for two teams. If you want more than 2 teams, please contact us by email.

The age recommendation for this game is 11+. Note, that at least one of the players must be over 16 years old.


Game design

Georgi Obatnin