There have always been smugglers, but the smuggling of drugs and arms has become a growing challenge for the police. Therefore, the recent catching of the daring and ruthless gang MXP (Mexican Pistols) was a big victory. The gang, which had specialized in smuggling firearms, tried to enlarge their profit by counterfeiting and selling valuable works of art. The transport failed and all members of the gang were caught. Unfortunately, they managed to hide their goods somewhere in Finland and refuse to reveal where. The only thing the police have found is a motorcycle bag. Maybe there’s a lead to the stolen goods?


  • 2-6 prs 260 €, duration 1,5 h
  • 7-12 prs 480 €, duration 2 h
  • 13- 18 prs 560 €, duration 2,5 h

The price does not include VAT 24 %.

The price includes:

  • Delivery inside Ring III.
  • A  game master /s to set up the game.

Delivery outside Kehä III with added delivery costs.

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The team behind

Script and puzzle design: Miranda Dunderfelt
Props and settings: Kalle Oja and Miranda Dunderfelt
Sound and effects: Miranda Dunderfelt
IT: Daniel Dunderfelt and Virgo Karp