You have probably never played a game quite like this!


About the game:

Story year: Present time
Setting: Italian à la carte restaurant kitchen
Geographic place: Helsinki, Finland
Lighting: Bright
Game languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Time limit: 60 minutes
Number of players: One room fits 2-6 players, two fits 4-12 players
Accessibility: Unfortunately the venue at Fredrikinkatu is not accessible for wheelchairs, as there are stairs leading to the venue.


The judges are waiting! You have exactly one hour to cook a marvellous meal and win the competition. But the kitchen is full of surprises…

The atmosphere of the game is fast moving, funny and full of surprises!

This is a race escape game, allowing two teams to challenge each other. Up to 12 players can play simultaneously.

Recommended size/team: 3-5 players.

Possible size/team: 2-7 players.

The game is designed in cooperation with the renowed Gothenburg Escape Game.