A famous influencer is found dead in a fancy AI house and the players divide into teams to hunt the murderer. Which team is the first to reveal the killer, their motive and opportunity? Our private detective Omega Palmu asks for your assistance to solve this gruesome murder.

This murder mystery can be played at any location, anytime you like. It can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Practically, the game organizer sets up certain check-points around your location, which the players must find to get important information and access to secret files, videos, photos etc. Each team has a pad or some other mobile device, on which they open the game app and get hints and material. They also use a couple of print-outs, where they can mark their findings.

The recommended team size is 3-6 and the number of teams can be as large as the venue allows.

The game is also fun to play around a table with your family or friends. The age recommendation is 12+.

The duration is 1- 1,5 hours.

The price of the game is 45 €/team, if you play it on your own mobile device and print out the documents yourself.

The price for an all-inclusive booking is 120 €/team; then we supply all the tablets and prints. You can collect them from us on the previous day after 5 pm and return them in morning (before 12 am) after your game.

By special agreement, we can arrange for the gear to be transported to your venue. A game master’s services before and during the event is also an option.

Book the game by e-mail contact-at-escaperoom.fi!