The quickest way to find out which games would suit your group is to give us a ring or send us a mail. We’re happy to tell you about our games and help you to choose!

Look at the game picture.

Which game has an exciting air to it? We’ve chosen the picture carefully to show you something about the game’s vibes, even if the picture isn’t taken from the game room itself.

Read the story and watch the video.

In an escape room, the story progresses through a number of tasks and puzzles. When the players solve a task and open a locked space, they will find more items, insights and twists. Also, the game has a mission, which gives you a sense of direction and purpose. The mission isn’t just about getting out in time.

The stories can be roughly divided into three categories:  mysteries, adventures and horror games. What surroundings would you like? Nostalgic, elegant, rough, fantasy, sci fi, scary? Many games have a twist, starting as elegant, for example, and then turning into something quite different.

For most of our games, you’ll find a video that shows you more of the game’s particular atmosphere.

So, choose a game that intrigues you!


Do you have a player with impaired mobility in you team? At our Fabianinkatu venue, we have some games that are suitable for wheelchairs: Heartbroken House, Without a Trace and Bewitched. The games Dinner Party and Twin Daggers are partially accessible.

Please note that we do not have a wheelchair adapted toilet on the premises.

The level of difficulty

The average “getting out” percentage 

The greater the number of groups who get out within the given hour, the easier a game is rated to be.  This is not the whole truth, though. There are other things that decide how difficult a challenge will be:

  • The game master might make a difference. Some give hints more freely, others wait for you to truly despair. Most of the hints we use have been designed as part of the game’s story, so asking for a hint is not necessarily a cry for help but a way of deepening your experience.
  • Each game has its own way of “thinking”. For some people, the game coincides with their own logic and they find it easy. For others, equally brilliant people, the same game can feel difficult. Countless times we’ve seen beginners solve a “difficult” challenge and get out in time, while experienced players get stuck.
  • When building a game, we invent fresh, original puzzles and tasks as well as new technological solutions. They might feel difficult in the beginning of a game’s lifespan, but as the games develop, so do the players. When a game has run for a year or so, the challenges that used to be hard are already expected and easily solved.

So, don’t stare too hard at the level of difficulty when choosing a game!


One last hint:

Whichever game you choose, your escape room experience will always be great!