About the game

  • Story: Agent adventure to prevent an oil disaster
  • Game location: Suomenlinna island
  • Starting location: Fabianinkatu 23
  • Finishing location: Fabianinkatu 23
  • Game languages: Finnish, English
  • Time limit: 1,5h
  • Number of players: 2-6 players / group
  • Number of groups: 1-5 groups
  • Accessibility: In the game, you move about a 2 kilometre long route in the Suomenlinna area.


Special agents, welcome to this briefing. Your mission is urgent. According to our sources, a huge oil tanker is coded to run straight into Helsinki’s Marketplace, destroying not only the city center but also the sensitive Finnish Bay.

We know that the terrorist has a sailing boat somewhere close to Suomenlinna fortress, from which he can activate his operation. He’s just waiting for his boss, Romero Litski, who’s due to arrive any time now. You need to to find the boat before Litski gets there, and send us its identification code, so that we can move in and stop the threat. Will your team be able to find the clues that Litski has hidden in Suomenlinna ? You have only a couple of hours to complete the search.

Once on the island, you can activate the game at your leisure. To aid you on the mission, you will get a backpack with some important items and an iPad to guide you on your way. Before going to Suomenlinna, you collect your agent gear from our venue on Fabianinkatu 23 (quite close to the ferry harbour) from 12:30 pm onward. The gear must be returned to Fabianinkatu by 7 pm, unless otherwise agreed.

The age recommendation for this game is 11+. Note, that at least one of the players must be over 16 years old.

If you have played the outdoor game Operation Mindfall, you might recognize one puzzle in Mission Sea Eagle.


Booking instructions:
Outdoor games are booked per team instead of by the number of players, and each team can consist of 2-6 players. If you want to book one game, add one slot to your cart. The calendar’s “1 player” indicates one game, and there is no option to select the number of players for outdoor games.
For example, if you have 6 players but want to compete in two teams, select 2 games. In this case, make the booking by selecting the same time slot twice and adding it to your cart.
For bookings involving more than two teams, please contact us via email at contact@escaperoom.fi.


The team behind

Script and puzzle design: Virgo Karp & Yvonne Karsten | IT: Georgi Obatnin