A creepy escape game during the Halloween week 26.10. – 3.11. (paitsi 28.-30.10.) The pop-up adventure combines an escape game with theatre. Book your ticket for 1-18 players!

Long ago, a young bride was burnt on the stake as a witch and ever after, the village has been cursed. Every year around All Saint’s Day someone has to die in the village, otherwise disaster strikes.  The villagers welcome strangers to visit during Halloween, maybe to watch the show – or maybe to be the victim.

The duration of the game is 45 minutes, but reserve one hour. For each show, you can book tickets for one up to 18 players. If you come alone or with a small group, you’ll be playing together with other strangers.

There will be actors in the escape game. You’ll have a creepy and maybe even goose bump-rising experience, but the game doesn’t demand any prior escape room knowledge nor physical agility.

We don’t recommend this show for players under 14 years of age. Under 16 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.