Has your company decided to postpone your staff recreation events for safety reasons? Maybe you’d still like to spend your recreation funds before the year comes to a close?

We want to provide a good opportunity to combine these two needs.

Buy gift cards at a discount!

By purchasing a gift card or many gift cards for a total of € 1,320, making the so-called Full House reservation, you get a 25% discount.

We have been thinking a lot about how to guarantee your staff a safe visit. When your company makes a Full House booking,  it ensures that there are no other groups on our premises. Also, having up to 9 escape games at your disposal at the same venue, you can choose to make your teams smaller, even putting just 2-3 players into each game.  Six players per group is the maximum.

You can also choose to give each team their own gift card, so that they can come and play separately in groups of 6.

Because culture cannot currently be enjoyed on the same scale as before, many will have difficulty using their cultural vouchers. By giving them, for example, a 40  € discount code, they can make a reservation with a code in our system and pay the rest with their own vouchers on site.

Many opportunities!

The gift cards can be bought from our store https://escaperoom.fi/fi/#giftcard for the amount you choose and as many as you want,  as long as the total amount adds up to at least 1320 €. When buying, use the coupon “erh-fabianfullhouse” and get a discount of -25% and pay the gift cards online. The Gift Cards you have purchased are valid for 6 months. The above coupon is valid until 31.12.2020.