As a tasteful demonstration against the government’s unjust treatment of the cultural field, Escape Room Helsinki®temporarily acts a grocery store. 

The corona safety measures were immediately directed at cultural institutions, shutting down theatres, museums and cinemas. No spreading of the virus was indicated from these venues, on the contrary, their safety measures were severe and controlled.  Furthermore, the government’s communication has aimed at raising an atmosphere of general fear and helplessness throughout society, which has influenced ourselves and our customers in a negative way.

What we would have needed during the crisis

Entrepreneurs need possibilities, and an important factor is an atmosphere of hope and consistence. We and our customers would have needed clear, consistent rules for how to conduct our business, and, having met all requirements, an affirmation that the said business is allowed. We are fully aware that our leaders as well as everyone else have faced extraordinarily difficult circumstances during the pandemic. Even so, the government’s panicked messages, changing the rules almost weekly,  have ensured that the investments done to create a safe environment have been of very little avail.  

The Finnish people is law-abiding and willing to follow rules that are fair, clear and consistent. 

Because the government has not at any point reduced the amount of people who can enter into a large food store or market, thus considering these venues “safe”, we will temporarily be a grocery store. 

After each live game, you will receive a complimentary bag of food. There will be 180 bags. 

When the last bag is fetched, we will go back to being the normal, wonderful Escape Room Helsinki.