Escape Room Helsinki offers real life room escape adventures right in the centre of Helsinki. You are locked into a room together with your team and you have 60 minutes to get out. To succeed, you need to solve riddles, puzzles and mysteries, working together as a team. Everybody can do it! No physical force is needed, just observation skills and creative thinking. Look forward to an hour of intense excitement, moments of insight and a lot of fun!

We have games inside, outside and in virtual reality.

How do we book a escape game? How do we play?

  • Choose a suitable game and time for your team and book it through our website
  • Arrive to your game location 10 minutes before your game is scheduled to start. We’ll give you a small briefing about how to play.
  • You are locked into the room and the clock starts ticking. Our game master follows your game closely and helps you if needed.
  • The game ends when you get out, or after 60 minutes.

We also accept Smartum and Edenred as a form of payment. For these reservations, book your game through our email booking[at] .

Is it difficult or scary?

Playing room escape games is so much fun, you’ll likely forget about the rest of the world for an hour. Although the game can be an intense experience, you’ll be safe throughout.

If you wish, you can get out of the rooms immediately using the emergency key.

The game master follows your game via cameras and will help you if necessary. You don’t need any physical strength whereas common sense, observational skills and co-operation will take you through the game. To avoid getting these abilities blurred, we recommend that you save your drinks until after the game.

Approximately 50% of the teams make it out during the allotted time. The level of difficulty of each game is indicated in the game description.

When is the next available time?

You can see the available slots in our booking calendar. For today’s games, check our twitter or call us.

What should I wear?

Wear what you want. We don’t recommend high heels, eye-covering fiesta masks or bulky bridal outfits, but you’ll manage. Most of the games have a theme related dim lighting, so if you need reading glasses, we recommend you keep them with you.

How many players can there be?

Depending on the game, the maximum amount of players is 4 to 6 people per room. We have multiple gaming locations and multiple games, so bigger groups are welcome too! Check the link For Companies to get more information.

Is there an age limit?

Age limit recommendations are presented for each game. Note that we have three games suitable for children and families. We also have a nice room for short private get-togethers.

More questions?

Please contact us on booking[at] or by phone during office hours at +358 10 32 357 32, we’ll be happy to assist you.

If you have questions about today’s games, you can also call game locations directly, but please note that our game masters don’t necessarily have time for long answers as they are monitoring the games.