What is an escape room?

The escape room is a story, staged into a space of one or several “rooms”.  The storyline gradually unfolds as players solve room puzzles and missions. The game is played in a group of 2-6 people and usually lasts an hour. Curiosity, open-mindedness, and good cooperation provide the best chance to resolve a game within the given time frame. The game instructor monitors the game and, if necessary, gives hints on how to solve challenges.

Playing or fearing?

As a rule, Escape Room Helsinki does not build horror games. Games can have jump scares, surprising twists, or a creepy vibe. If you don’t want anything like this, we recommend the games made for young people, such as Bewitched or Treasure Bird, which offer good challenges for adults as well.

Suitable for all ages?

Some games are designed for kids and teens, but most are for adult gamers. Check out the game stories and choose a game with a theme that appeals to your group. If you need reading glasses, you should bring a pair with you.

Can I leave the room at any time?

There is an emergency button at every door that lets you out right away (even if it rarely happens that someone would want to interrupt their game).