Your health and safety while playing escape games #COVID-19

Your health and safety are important for us as well as for you, your colleagues, friends and family. Please come and enjoy your escape room only if you and your team all are well.

We love to arrange the space for you to meet in real life and enjoy the excitement, the immersive stories and the team spirit that an escape room offers. That’s why we take every precaution to make your visit safe.

What we do at Escape Room Helsinki to keep everybody safe:

  1. There are hand disinfectant and plastic gloves available at our venues. We also sell high quality face masks.
  2. We clean our rooms regularly. If there is less than 3 hours between games, we disinfect all surfaces and touchable items.
  3. We have adjusted the starting times for the games to ensure that there is enough space in the waiting area to keep your safety distance to other groups.
  4. We ask for your understanding if you must wait to get in. If the waiting area for some reason gets crowded, we need to get it cleared before letting the next group in.
  5. We have turned up the air conditioning in all rooms.
  6. We use an average of 60 square metres for each game, so even while playing, you can keep a safe distance to your mates if you want.
  7. For companies or other big groups, we offer a FULL HOUSE solution, meaning that you can book the whole venue just for yourselves to a very reasonable price.
  8. We offer outdoor games in the city center and at Suomenlinna fortress. We can also make you a tailored outdoor route in your own vicinity.
  9. You can book a mobile game to play at home or in your office.
  10. You can play remote games, see

What safety precautions do we expect from you?

  1. We ask you not to come if you feel ill or if you have been in close contact with people who have been travelling to red-listed countries. Just drop us a mail to move your reservation to a better day.
  2. We ask you to turn up at the appointed time, 10 minutes before your game starts, not much earlier or later.
  3. You are important to us. Please stay safe by leaving the premises before the next group arrives,
  4. Please adhere to the general COVID-19 safety measures.

Welcome to escape!