Is your team in need of some inspiration? During the restrictions, we offer a new way of playing escape games, together and live, although remote.  For clarity’s sake, we accept a maximum of 6 players/team.

This is how it works:

  • We send you an invitation by e-mail, using the Zoom application. Each player can participate using their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • When everyone is assembled, the game master tells you about the game rules and gives you a moment to greet each other and find a team name.
  • The game begins! The game master tells you the story and the mission and “takes” you to the game room. A camera shows you the surroundings and details of the room. The game master also tells you aloud what she sees.
  • The game master is your Avatar, who follows your commands. When you solve a task, the Avatar opens the lock or does what is needed. If you get stuck, you can ask the Avatar for a hint. During the whole hour, you use the Avatar as your eyes, hands and feet. Your ears are your own to use.
  • When the game is played and the mission solved, you get another 5-10 minutes to chat about your experience and celebrate together, before the app closes.

Want to book?

  • Assemble your team of 2-6 players and decide on a suitable day and time. Please reserve 1,5 hours for the whole event.
  • For now, the games Dinner Party and Robbery Gone Wrong can be live streamed.
  • Drop us a mail  at contact(at)escaperoom fi saying when and what you’d like to play. We’ll need your company’s invoicing information, if you’d like to pay by invoice. Otherwise, we can send a link for you to make a card payment. We also accept culture vouchers. The price of the event is 120 €, regardless of the group size (2-6 players). We’ll send you a booking confirmation and more details by return mail.


“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein