A great magician is coming to town with his amazing magical show! He can make anything vanish!  The magician is either very skilful or very careless with the use of his powers – how else could you explain what happens to the audience? This game is action-packed, magical and full of surprises.

The game room takes up to 6 players.  Suitable for players of all ages from 9 years up.

The game has been radically updated in February 2023.

The team behind

The 2023 update: Virgo Karp, Yvonne Karsten.

The original game was designed by students of game design at Aalto University: Lassi Vapaakallio, Anna-Maija Laine, Ina Dolk, Mikko Kolehmainen, Harri Dammert, Arto-Oskar Reunanen, Anna-Maija Hajasalmi, Eve Koivurinta
Mentors and assistants: Miika Junnila and Yvonne Karsten
IT: Johan Höglund, Virgo Karp

Pictures from the game