Did you know that there is a strange room in the beautiful old Alexander Theatre? Sometimes you can hear noises through the locked door, a voice crying for help or furniture moving, but no-one is in there. Ever since the theatre opened in 1880, people have been whispering about a ghost, a Russian lieutenant who died in the battle of Bomarsund in 1854. The Alexander Theatre was built with the bricks of the ruined Russian garrison, Bomarsund, and with the bricks came the spirit of Piotr Vassilivitch, searching for his lost love Sophie. Some brave people have gone into the secret room, where things connected with the ghost are hidden, to try and free Piotr from his endless searching. No-one has yet succeeded… Will you?

This game takes a maximum of 6 players. It is best suited for players with a bit of escape game experience. Note that at least one of the players must be over 16 years of age.

Unfortunately, this venue is not accessible to wheelchairs.

The team behind

Script: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Puzzle design: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Props and settings: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Sound: mixing,Virgo Karp, singing, Anastasia Trizna
Light design: Virgo Karp
IT: Johan Höglund, Virgo Karp, Altti Rautalahti

Pictures from the game