A strange message has arrived, from a time long past, asking for your help.
We don’t know who sent this message, but it seems to be centuries, maybe millenniums old.

We succeeded in locating from where the message was first sent, and with the help of this map you might find your way there.
We can just hope that going there could bring you some answers.

This lovely fairytale game takes place in the Observatory’s Park, far from traffic and other disturbances.

It is suitable for players from 5 years old, accompanied by an adult.

The team behind

Game design, puzzle design, illustrations and props: Alma Kilpi, Noora Seppänen, Valpuri Partanen.

Manuscript: Valpuri Partanen. Video: Noora Seppänen.

Voice actors: Noora Seppänen, Eero Leno, Raphael Verstraeten, Yvonne Karsten.

Mixing: Noora Seppänen.

Musik: Samuli Seppänen, Paju Poijärvi.

IT: Georgi Obatnin.