Can a house fall in love? When the architect Diana Boyle disappeared, she left her masterpiece behind – the artificial intelligence House Ophelia. The house was designed with so much care that it became ensouled. Now House Ophelia stands empty – and longing. She desperately needs a new owner and she is ready to offer you wonderful things – if you can remove the safety measures that Diana installed. 

This is an elegant, relaxed game – until the twist comes.

If you are sensitive to smells, note that we use some aromatic oils in this game.

The game is best suited for adult players.

Note that at least one of the players must be over 16 years of age.

This game is suitable for players with impaired mobility. Note that we do not (yet) have a toilet adapted for wheelchairs on the premises.

The team behind

The game was designed by students of game design at Aalto University: Marie Kumpulainen, Eero Tiainen, Oscar Dempsey, Mimosa Kuusimäki, Eve Koivurinta, Elina Ström, Lena Arent Bennedsen, Tjasa Frumen
Mentors and assistants: Miika Junnila and Yvonne Karsten
IT: Johan Höglund, Erik Karsten, Daniel Coffaro, Virgo Karp

Pictures from the game