A gift of wonder and adventure!

You can buy an electronic gift card here or, if you’d like to pop in at our reception desk, you can get a nice, printed card. The desk at Fabianinkatu 23 is open daily 10:30 am to 6.30 pm, welcome to stop by!

Our gift cards are valid for 6 months.

To purchase a gift card from our web page, simply

  1.  Choose the amount you want on the card (minimum 15€)
  2. Add it to your shopping cart and pay for it normally.
  3.  You will receive an e-mail with your personal gift card code, and you can use it to pay for our games. You can choose if you want to get the gift card for yourself, or send it to the recipient’s e-mail address.

If you have received a printed gift card,

please note that the game reservation is made via e-mail. Follow the instructions on the back of your gift card.