About the game

Story year: 2010’s
Setting: Cozy rental cabin in a small village
Geographic place: Northern Finland
Lighting: Bright, dark
Game languages: Finnish, English
Time limit: 60 minutes
Number of players: 2-6 players
Accessibility: The venue of Fabianinkatu is accessible but unfortunately the game is not accessible. The game’s atmosphere is scary and it might feel unnerving.


Driving through the vast, vacant heaths and forests of Finland, you arrive at a little village. In the twilight, you see a sign on a house: Tuula’s Cabin. No-one answers your knocking, but the neighbour comes and lets you in. You find yourself in a perfectly ordinary guest house – but is everything alright? Can you find out what terrible secrets hide inside its walls – before the owner comes home from the pub?

We wish that this could be another Finnish myth. But it’s real.

This game is a good, traditional escape game with lots of locks and a logical game flow.

The age recommendation for this game is 16+. Note, that at least one of the players must be over 16 years old.


The team behind

Script: Yvonne Karsten
Puzzle design: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Props and settings: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp, Hanna Mykkänen, Akseli Makkonen, Matti Varjonen
Sound: composing and playing, Vivian Reapalu, mixing, Vivian Reapalu and Virgo Karp
Light design: Virgo Karp
IT: Johan Höglund, Virgo Karp


Pictures from the game.