Perfect for kids and lovers of fantasy! Misfortune and dark powers are spreading throughout the  Kingdom and now the princess, the rightful heir to the throne, has disappeared.  At night, strange lights can be seen from the Queen’s Tower. Even the forest seems deserted, all the friendly Forest Dwellers have gone into hiding. The King is desperate. He is asking the bravest heroes from all countries to come to the rescue. Who has the courage to go on this perilous journey and try to save the kingdom? Age recommendation 8 years and up, accompanied by an adult. This game takes a maximum of 6 people.

This game is suitable for players with impaired mobility. Note that we do not (yet) have a toilet suited for wheelchairs on the premises.

The team behind

Script: Reetta Korhonen, Veera Belway
Puzzle design: Reetta Korhonen, Virgo Karp
Props and settings: Reetta Korhonen, Veera Belway, Anna-Maija Laine, Virgo Karp, Yvonne Karsten, Matti Varjonen
Sound: mixing, Reetta Korhonen
Video actors: Grete Karp, Jolana Kapp
Light design: Virgo Karp
IT: Johan Höglund, Victor Ahlqvist, Virgo Karp, Akseli Makkonen, Erik Karsten

Pictures from the game