You’re exploring the attic of your newly bought apartment in the heart of Helsinki. What strange things people leave behind! Rumour has it that some royalistic secret society used this attic as a meeting place a long time ago – some say that strange noises can be heard even today. Some of the stuff left in the attic takes you back to year 1918, when Friedrich Karl, the Prince of Hessen, was going to be crowned King of Finland. This never came to pass, to the great diappontment of the royalistic movement. Is it true that they stole the crown made for the king? What else happened? You have 60 minutes to solve this royal mystery.

This game can be played in two identical rooms with two teams racing each other. The reservation calendar shows the amount of available rooms.

Maximum amount of people in one room is 6 people. If both rooms are reserved, a maximum of 12 people can play this game.