Do you have psychic abilities? Then you are like Henri Holm, 12, who sees auras and senses other people’s thoughts. Once a week, Henri goes to the lab at the Psychic Research Systems in Helsinki, where he submits himself to tests to get to know his own special skills better. Last time, though, something strange happened during a test and Henri fell into a coma. The doctors at the hospital can’t wake him, and the researchers at PRS are equally baffled. The researchers in charge wish for the case to be thoroughly investigated, of course, but they cannot do it themselves as they are disqualified. So, they have called another group of experts – you – to help with the investigation. The situation is quite desperate – if the case isn’t solved and Henri awake in one hour, the whole research center will be closed down.

Boy Between@lab tells you about the same Henri Holm as Boy Between@home, but from a totally different point of view. In the lab, you’ll be dealing with supersensory tests and maybe you’ll get to use remote healing to wake Henri up. The two Boy Between games can be played as separate single games, but it might also be interesting to play them both and get the full picture revealed.

This game has a faster tempo than BoyBetween@home and is suitable for players who like lots of tasks to solve. Younger players are welcome, but at least one player must be over 16 years of age.

Unfortunately, the venue is not accessible to wheelchairs. At our other venue at Fabianinkatu, you can find some accessible games!

The team behind

Script: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Puzzle design: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Props and settings: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp, Kim Niskanen, Henrik Karsten (Versaali Oy)
Sound and effects: mixing, Virgo Karp
Light design: Virgo Karp
IT: Johan Höglund, Virgo Karp

Pictures from the game