Why doesn’t Henry wake up? 12 year old Henry is lying in the hospital in a coma and doesn’t regain consciousness, even if his body seems to be quite unharmed. Since his childhood, Henry has been a bit different,  seeing colours and shapes around people and being able to read other people’s feelings and thoughts with frightening accuracy. These special skills have scared people, even his own parents, friends and teachers. Henry has learned to stay silent about what he experiences. His dear Grandpa is the only person who has really understood Henry, and it was Grandpa who suggested that he participate in the PSI testing (Paranormal Sensory Impression) to learn more about his skills. To begin with, the testing went well and Henry was very interested, but after his last session at the lab he sunk into the coma. Would somebody have the courage to delve deep into Henry’s mind and find a way to call him back?

The game is made very immersive, using new techniques of storytelling. Henry’s spirit is present in the room. During the game, you’ll need to really get into Henry’s case., which means that at some point, you must be able to slow down and concentrate. This game is not the best choice for players who love to rip quickly through a game, but on the other hand, a perfect game for players who are looking for quality and immersive experiences.

You can choose your level of difficulty: Basic 3/5 or Expert 5/5.

The Boy Between games can be played from two points of view, Boy Between@home and Boy Between@lab.

We recommend players to be at least 12 years old. NOTE that at least one of the players must be over 16 years of age.

Unfortunately, the venue is not accessible to wheelchairs. At our other venue at Fabianinkatu, you can find some accessible games.

The team behind:

Script: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Puzzle design: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp
Props and settings: Yvonne Karsten, Virgo Karp, Miranda Dunderfelt, Akseli Makkonen, Matti Varjonen
Sound: mixing, Virgo Karp
Light design: Virgo Karp
Painting and drawings: Miranda Dunderfelt
IT: Johan Höglund, Virgo Karp

Pictures from the game