Your well-being and safety are important to yourself, your colleagues and your family, as well as for us. # COVID-19

Escape Rooms are played with your friends or family in small groups of 2-6 players. Our rooms are spacious and well ventilated. 

During the corona pandemic, escape rooms were among the few cultural events in which you could partake without breaking safety recommendations.

 Here’s what we still do at Escape Room Helsinki to maintain safety:

  • We have adjusted the starting times of the games so that we can keep good safety distances between groups in our waiting areas.
  • We use an average of 60 square meters for each game, so there’s lots of space. It is possible to keep a distance even from your own team members if you wish to.
  • We offer outdoor games at Suomenlinna fortress, as well as in the center of Helsinki (not available December-February). For an additional price, we can tailor your own POP-UP outdoor route.
  • You can order the Mobile Game “The Robbery That Went Wrong” to your own office (2-12 players).
  • You can also play a remote games, which you’ll find at

 What security measures do we expect from you?

  • We ask you to turn up 10-15 minutes before your game, not sooner nor later. This is for your own and everybody else’s safety and comfort.
  • For the same reason, we ask that you leave our premises soon after the game, so that we can invite the next group to enter.
  • You are valuable and important to us, so please maintain the general instructions for Covid-19.

Welcome to play! Everyone needs to escape sometimes.